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3 Ways to Maintain Your Weight Over the Holidays

The holidays bring with them some of the most vibrant foods and drinks of the year. Thanksgiving dinners, Christmas cookies, Summer cocktails, and other holiday treats are delicious but are also responsible for many people gaining weight during the holiday season.

This becomes even worse when you are in an all-year-long summer place like Phuket Island where fatty foods and alcoholic drinks are “usually” the daily must. Call it the “summer mood,” or the “holiday freedom,” people tend to gain weight during their holidays in Phuket. Luckily, there are several easy ways to maintain your weight during any holiday season.

1. Maintain a Slight Calorie Deficit On Days That Aren’t Holidays

lose weight on holidays

No matter how dedicated you are to maintain your weight, it is a safe bet that you will overeat on Thanksgiving, Christmas, Summer and at any holiday parties, you may attend during the season.

Trying to cut calories at these special events will only strain your willpower and prevent you from thoroughly enjoying them if you succeed. A better approach is to build up a slight calorie deficit on days when such events are not occurring.

During the week leading up to Thanksgiving, for example, try eating just 200 calories less than you need to maintain your weight per day. This will create a buffer of about 1,400 calories, meaning that overeating on Thanksgiving will only make you gain back some of the calories you have already cut.

2. Try Skipping Breakfast on Thanksgiving, Christmas and Summer Holidays

Though holiday parties throughout the season can put a few extra calories into your body, the days that have the most significant impact are Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Summer themselves. Generally, the majority of these calories come from a single meal.

If your goal is to keep yourself from gaining weight, then, it can be helpful not to take in too many calories before the large family dinner. If you can, skip breakfast or eat only a very light breakfast. This will keep you from packing in too many calories before you even get to the main meal of the holiday.

3. Combine Your Holidays With a Weight Loss Program

weight loss on holidays

Aside from having many high-calorie meals and treats, the holidays also tend to be very busy, making it challenging to keep up with a regular exercise regimen. Rather than let yourself fall into this trap, set time aside for working out during the holidays just as you would at any other time of the year.

Though your schedule may become slightly cramped, your ability to burn off excess calories will remain intact. If you can keep yourself physically active, you should be able to prevent yourself from gaining any significant amount of weight over the holiday season. Ideally, book yourself a weight loss retreat package and enjoy your holidays in Phuket, without feeling guilty of adding weight.

Combining The Pleasure Of Holidays With Some Health Benefits

Although you should enjoy the holidays, it is essential not to let them interfere with your health and fitness goals. By following these easy tips, you can keep your weight under control without giving up the joys of the festive season.

If possible, also try to keep your holiday eating choices somewhat healthy to ensure that your diet remains nutritionally balanced. In Action Point Fitness & Weight Loss Resort, we have designed the perfect weight loss retreat, including a variety of healthy nutrition choices.

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