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Six Tips to Lose And Maintain Weight During The Holidays

The holiday season is approaching fast, and with it comes the endless choices of calorie-loaded food choices. This is a difficult time for people trying to lose weight, but it can also prove to be a test for people trying to maintain their present weight.

People will be faced with large, traditional meals as well as numerous parties with all manner of tempting foods. However, there is no reason a person cannot partake in these events and still maintain their weight or continue on a diet.

Lose And Maintain Your Weight During The Holidays

They can even enjoy some of the tasty options available during this delicious time of year. They need to follow six steps to be able to enjoy these events without the guilt.

1. Be Aware of Your Emotions

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One of the first things people need to do during this time is to understand why this time of year can derail their diet efforts. The holidays can be an emotional time of year. They can provoke tremendous or bad emotions in people.

Furthermore, overeating is often linked to feelings. Therefore, emotional overeating can occur during this period. This can come from passions that are aroused from reliving family traditions to feeling sad and alone during this time of the year.

So, persons wanting to lose or maintain weight need to be aware of their emotions when in these situations and pay attention to what they eat. They will need to ask themselves if they are eating out of necessity or out of a need to satisfy an emotional need.

2. Make a Plan

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Another good strategy during this time of the year is to have an eating plan or strategy before entering social situations. A program can include items like eating small portions, finding the fruits and vegetables first, limiting sweets or anything else that helps them set limits before an event.

Once in the situations, they can use their plan as a guideline to make healthy and responsible food choices. It can also help them politely deal with people that force food on them. They will be able to decline the excess food from these individuals and use good health as an excuse to say no.

3. Get Active

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Another good strategy to lose or maintain weight during the holidays is to increase exercise during this period. Just growing exercise by 10 minutes a day can help people get through this time of the year without gaining weight.

To effectively burn the excess calories gained during the Holidays it would be best to spend the extra exercise time doing cardio activities like biking, running or swimming.

4. Eat More Fruits and Veggies

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A great way to curb your appetite at holiday events is to eat more fruits and vegetables through the day. This allows an individual to stock up during the day on healthy foods and snacks.

Then when they are in an environment with less healthy food choices, they will not be as hungry or tempted. They can still indulge, but they will not be inclined to do so in excess because they have filled up on the healthier fruits and vegetables before any holiday events.

5. Get Hydrated

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A final tip for maintaining weight during the holidays is to drink plenty of water. It has been shown that individuals who drink water during the day will consume fewer calories.

Also, water will help fill an individual’s stomach. This, again, helps to fill up the stomach with healthier alternatives and reduces the temptation to fill up on junk food and sweets.

6. Combine Holidays With a Weight Loss Retreat

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This is a trend that has been spreading like a wildfire. More people opt-in for a Weight Loss Retreat during their holidays. Combining the benefits of exercising and healthy nutrition with some well spent days.

Most attendees describe it as a one of a kind experience. What’s more, you can experience all the benefits while holidaying in the exotic, tropical beaches of Phuket island in Thailand. Your friends will envy you and you will return back with some great memories and most importantly a fit body.

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Closing Thoughts

The holidays do not have to be a stressful time for people trying to lose or maintain weight. They do not have to hide out in their homes and exclude themselves from social settings. By following some simple advice, it is possible to enjoy friends and family during the Holidays without worrying about increasing the waistline.

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