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Fitness buffs will love this gym! With state-of-the-art weight lifting equipment, Action Point will inspire you to achieve all your sports and fitness goals.

The weightlifting room at Action Point offers up a huge selection of free weights that you won’t be able to recreate at home, so it’s well worth making the most out of them. Plenty of guys make a beeline for this part of the gym and focus on the leg press, but if it’s your upper body you’re looking to sculpt, the pull down machine and bench press are where you need to be.

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Bodybuilding Training

We will work together from your first session until achieving your fitness goals. We will be with you at every stretch, jog, and step of the way. We pledge to share our expertise & dedication to help you succeed.

Action Point Weight Loss & Fitness Resort was designed to be a place where you want to go to rather than a place where you have to go to.


About our gym

We understand that sometimes you want to put your headphones in, crank up the tunes and smash out a session on your own!

That’s why we offer an Gym space, so you can do your own thing. You can have full use of the gym and equipment to follow your own program and combine with our group classes program if you want that extra push from working out with the other Action Point members!

We’ve made sure there is enough space for you to train when you like to follow your own program or combine with our group classes.

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