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Muay Thai Training



Learn Thailand’s national sport from former champions at Action Point Weight Loss & Fitness Resort. Muay Thai is excellent for self-defense, weight loss, and building confidence.

Instructors are called upon from surrounding gyms and are available for private training. If you are interested for Muay Thai training, bookings need to be made at least a day in advance. Weight Loss & Total Fitness retreats include Muay Thai training.

For the highest quality one-on-one personal training, private packages are also available by request at Action Point’s reception.

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Why Muay Thai training?

Thai Boxing, or Muay Thai, is one of Thailand’s strongest traditions, with a recorded history in the region dating back to the 16th century. Successful boxers become huge celebrities in Thailand but for many it is a fun and intense workout. Muay Thai is sometimes referred to as ‘the art of the eight limbs’ because it trains the use of hands, elbows, knees and shins to strike opponents. Requiring serious core engagement, Muay Thai provides a well-rounded workout and good cardio training.


Muay Thai for weight-loss

Muay Thai is one of the most popular activities in Thailand. Many people learn Muay Thai for weight loss. Beginners can learn it as a fun exercise that not only keeps you fit but also helps to shed the pounds.

This world-famous martial arts form (and Thailand’s national sport) is known for its rigorous training and discipline. Students are kept on a strict schedule and training routines that effects their diet, rest, and weight management. Many Thais adopted Muay Thai as a lifestyle. It’s not just a sport.

Muay Thai became more popular among exercise enthusiasts. They’re not aspiring to become fighters. They love training because it’s fun and challenging. Some have said it was a miracle for weight loss. They not only lose weight through Muay Thai, but keep it off through diligent practice.

Practicing Muay Thai for Weight Loss: Cardio & Fat Burning Workout

It is the ideal cardiovascular activity for its repeated routines of punching, kicking and sparring. The movements are done in to 3-5 rounds. This intense interval speeds up the heart rate, slows it down, and then speeds it up again.

This conditioning form boosts metabolism and burns more fat than constant exercise. It sheds off that extra weight while building up your endurance.

Five moves in 3-5 rounds for weight loss:

  • A series of hard and fast kicks in the pads or the bag. Give it all you’ve got.
  • Thirty-second punching drills. Allow yourself only 10 seconds rest in between rounds.
  • Pad work with a trainer where you give your absolute 100%.
  • Repetitions of 100-200 knees and front kicks in the bag.
  • Rounds of 100-200 metre speed run. Feel free to pull a car tire as you run for extra weight.
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