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Anthony Venn Dutton

Anthony Venn Dutton is one of the most experienced Personal Trainers on the island of Phuket, with over 23 years working at all levels within the industry. Anthony is a first class trainer specializing in weight loss, muscle gain, CrossFit, Muay Thai and boxing.

Having achieved success as a competitor across a number of fields, he understands how to challenge yourself, your beliefs and expectations. Anthony has competed on a professional and amateur level in many sports such as Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Boxing, Mountain Biking, Tennis, Golf, CrossFit, triathlon, half marathons.

Originally from Australia, Anthony brings a goal focused approach balanced with a comforting and easy going attitude, helping clients feel welcomed and part of a team. A focus on achieving shared goals, Anthony will push you constructively whilst caring about you through the process.


Somusa Laksum Ying

Somusa Laksum (Ying) is known not only at Action Point but across the island for her commitment to training. Ying is a great example how the strength of the mind can exceed what you think is the strength of the body. A love for health and fitness has transcended from her childhood into her career. First as a competitor in a variety of sports such as Thai boxing, track and field, Crossfit before recognizing a love in helping others achieve the same success.

Immersing herself in learning her craft, Ying undertook studies to combine both her personal experiences with the highest levels of education around training others. Diversifying herself for greater understanding and experience, Ying also competed as a fitness model where she could gain greater understanding of the body, recovery, diet and varying applications of specialized training techniques.

Ying welcomes others into her world of dedicated focus, physical and emotional growth and the rewards that follow. Ying has a natural ability to inspire both men and women through her training.


Anas Songkathep

Anas Songkathep has over 9 years experience working across many wellness & fitness centres in Thailand. One of our greatest local talents, Anas brings a passion to the industry that has followed him through his childhood where he first experienced success as a top athlete across a number of sports.

Anas realized his fascination and passion in transformation of the body and mind which naturally navigated him into the health and fitness industry. Anas sees himself in his clients and is driven by helping them achieve their personal goals much like he did for himself.

Taking pride in developing and implementing personalized exercise programs for those either beginning their journey or those who seeking the elevate to their next level. He is an amazing counsel for clients, appreciating the personal investment needed to coach others regarding health, fitness or injury management.

Anas takes genuine pride supporting his clients achieve their personal goals and encourages them to go beyond their expectations. You’ll always find Anas with a smile and warmth that gives confidence in the process and inspiring you for your best.



Nong was born Thailand and has been living in Phuket for more than 10 years where she has been both a teacher and a student in the science of the body through Yoga. Specializing in Bikram yoga which is focused on completing a sequence of poses within a heated room, allowing the body to stretch more deeply into each stretch while relieving stress from the body.

Nong diversified her knowledge and understanding by flying to India and successfully completing her Hatha Yoga Teacher Training at Maa Shakti Yoga, Rishikesh.

Nong is a beautiful soul enjoying music, food, traveling and the things that feed our personal being.
Someone who loves sharing with her students, she encourages them to breathe and to develop themselves through yoga in her practise.