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Personal Training



The fastest way to your fitness goals!

You won’t get the same program given to the ten personal training clients before you.

Whether you want to lose loads of body fat before you go home, pack on some muscle or work towards a specific sports performance goal, you’re in great hands.

Your personal training journey will begin with an in-depth questionnaire so we can find out as much about your lifestyle as we can.

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Professional coaching

Everything from your sleep patterns, stress levels, injuries, exercise history and personal goals are important in designing a nutrition and training plan that you enjoy, that fits into your schedule in Phuket and back at home, and of course, delivers the results you want.


One on One Expert Coaching

As the definition suggests, everything will be built around you, including your current fitness levels, movement ability and requirements. If you’re tired of diving in to deep when you get back into fitness and falling off the wagon, personal training will ensure you start at the start line and progress at the right pace for you.

Every session will include some combination of:

  • a review of progress since your last session
  • mobility exercises specific to your movement restrictions and requirements
  • strength training
  • accessory work to improve your body composition
  • conditioning challenges to fire up your fitness levels
  • setting objectives for the time between personal training sessions

Everything is managed in real time depending how you feel each day and what needs work, so we can’t tell you exactly how a personal training session will be structured.

By working with a personal trainer, your program will be designed and adapted as you progress, ensuring you’re always working at exactly the right level, eliminating weaknesses and making the most of your strengths.

Personal training shouldn’t just be supervised workouts – they should be opportunities for real and lasting growth. We want to make sure your results keep on coming when you leave Phuket and get back to your normal environments – it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Our personal trainers can also make sure you know how to make changes to your lifestyle when you return to the ‘real world’ whether you want to continue with your fat loss, build muscle or start working towards personal challenges such as mud runs, climbing a mountain or taking part in fitness events.

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