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Steam, ice bath & LPG endermologie


Authentic wellness experience

Action Point has it all, literally! Here you can even find a steam room – used as a herbal sauna – and an ice bath. Probably the best-equipped fitness resort in Phuket.


Ice bath


Steam room


LPG Endermoglie



The general theory behind this cold therapy is that the exposure to cold helps to combat the microtrauma (small tears) in muscle fibers and resultant soreness caused by intense or repetitive exercise. The ice bath is thought to constrict blood vessels, flush waste products and reduce swelling and tissue breakdown.

Subsequently, as the tissue warms and the increased blood flow speeds circulation, the healing process is jump-started. The advantage of an ice bath submersion is that a large area of intertwined musculature can be treated, rather than limiting the cold therapy to a concentrated area with a localized ice pack.


Herbal steam room

Using our steam room will help open your pores, soothe sore muscles, increase circulation, and provide a generally relaxing and healthy experience. People have indulged in steam baths for centuries, as this practice spread across and among continents.

For a very wet and hot healthy treatment, athletes often seek out a peaceful steam bath combined with herbal oils. This usually takes place in a sealed room, similar to a sauna, which is kept at an even temperature and filled with mist. There is a narrow range of optimum temperature for humans, around 112° F (44° C), that raises our body temperature without causing overheating.

LPG Endermoglie

New Alliance Skin Identity Sensor

Treatment is painless, delivery a massage-like sensation

LPG Endermoglie

Made in France: 30 years of studies & researches

Increasing Hyaluronic Acid, Elastin & Collagen


LPG Endermoglie

Proven by more than 128 scientific studies, LPG Endermoglie is the science of cell stimulation. It reactivates deep dormant cellular activity by mechanically stimulating the skin which is painless & noninvasive.

Its many fields of application include health, beauty, and well-being. 300 000 people choose this technology every day. LPG have experience of treating the most serious of skin conditions (scars, fibrosis, lymphedema, burns, etc.) and has been studying connective tissue for over 30 years. Zero risk. Zero side effects. Always results.

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INNOVATIVE: New Alliance Skin Identity Sensor

VIRTUALLY PAINLESS: Treatment is painless, delivery a massage-like sensation

300 000 PEOPLE: Choose this technology every day

MADE IN FRANCE: 30 years of studies & researches

SKIN: Increasing Hyaluronic Acid, Elastin & Collagen

POWERFUL: Simultaneous triple action in just 1 treatment