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The Rule Breaker’s Guide to End Summer Holiday Weight Gain

The summer holidays are a time where we desperately try and balance food-centered social activities and freedom of rules, with our need to stay on top of our diet regime. Many people allot for the weight gain that they are familiar with, and are prepared to pay the consequences. Here’s The Rule Breaker’s Guide to End Summer Holiday Weight Gain.

For others it sneaks up on them and the next few months are spent grappling with the summer holiday poundage. The media floods you with ways to keep your winter coat from becoming too fluffy, but do most common tips set you up for failure?

The typical advice about avoiding excessive snacking and carrying around alternative meals just does not happen. Failing at those simple rules leads to even more frustration and over indulgence.

5 New Ways To Slide Through The Summer Months With Your Waistline And Sanity Intact

  1. Hire a therapist

    Even if you do not feel the need for counseling for the remainder of the year, CBT or Cognitive Behavior Therapy is a proven way to work through poor habits and actions that leave you feeling less than wonderful. Most insurance covers a set amount of therapy visits; why not use them during a time when you can benefit the most? Therapy can also support you during a time when emotional instability can leave you “eating your feelings”.

  2. How about a Life Coach?

    Life Coaches do not provide therapy but will be your personal cheerleader and point of accountability. When everyone else is encouraging you to forsake your normal routine for “just this one bite”, your Life Coach has your back. Life Coach services vary in price, and many are willing to design a custom package and more than often have summer holiday deals.

  3. Join the gym now and book a weight loss retreat.

    If you have a new routine that you are starting, it is still fresh and exciting. If you already belong to one, stick to your regular routine or even alternate workouts to maintain your lifestyle. Make sure that your next holidays go hand in hand with a weight loss retreat like this one.

  4. Throw down a challenge.

    Many companies and groups have started their own Biggest Loser event. If you and your family or friends are competitive, start a challenge of your own to see who can maintain or even lose weight over the next several weeks. If you do not have a group, get inspired by joining Couch to 5K, or a program such as P90X that will individually motivate you.

  5. Forget New Year’s resolutions!

    Save your resolutions for reading a new book or sending out birthday cards on time. Your health is number one right now. The New Year holiday gives us an excuse to overeat, be lazy, and avoid the inevitable; if you overeat and do not stay active, you are going to gain weight. Resolutions are notorious for setting yourself up for failure. Failure leads to low-self image. Low self-image leads to eating more holiday cookies.

end summer holiday gain

The Plan Is Available. Now Its Your Time To Change Once And For All

There are limitless tips and tricks to keep your calorie intake and food choices under control. We are inundated with suggestions on how to sneak in exercise or avoid social situations involving food. As a bonus alternative, you can participate in holiday retreats in Phuket, Thailand with Action Point Resort.

If those ideas have not worked for you for the last several holiday seasons, and you are still looking to them for advice, it is time to try a different approach. Invest in your entire well-being and book a 28-day weight loss retreat, starting now. Do not wait or justify getting off-track in the first place. Only you can make this choice.

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