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Top Retreat Ideas for Your Business Team Members

Corporate, business retreat days are an excellent way to generate organizational unity and increase productivity. When co-workers spend time together in environments – like Phuket – outside of the workplace, they learn more about each other and develop deep bonds. Here are the Top Retreat Ideas for Your Business Team Members you might want to consider.

Why so Many Office Managers are Taking Their Team out for a Retreat ?

One of the main purposes of a corporate retreat is to get out of the office. Office employees in English speaking countries probably work more than most people around the world, so getting out of the office for a staff retreat will benefit everyone.

Changing the usual office environment – with a tropical scenery like Phuket – will allow staff to observe, interact and socialize with co-workers in ways that they might not while in the office. This allows them to better understand each other and learn how to best work together.

Corporate staff retreats should happen at least once per year and optimally once per season. In Action Point Weight Loss & Fitness Resort we can design special customized corporate staff retreats, to cover the needs of your business and your staff. Contact us for more information.

Phuket corporate retreat

Here Are Some Corporate Staff Retreat Ideas

One way to encourage co-worker interaction in a non-work environment is to take a staff retreat to a calming, soothing environment, like Nai-Harn beach in Phuket. You can also head out to some natural view points, do activities like kayaking & sightseeing or even indulge your staff in a professional Thai massage.

These activities will allow staff members to spend some much-needed group time in the outdoors, away from technological bells and whistles, fluorescent lights and ringing phones. The retreat organizer can even collect cell phones before the retreat starts so that there are no distractions.

A visit or day at the beach will allow staff members to relax, share some time in silence, observe nature and get some much needed fresh air. Stress to the corporate employees that they should take time on this type of retreat to embrace silence. They’ll become better observers, listeners and feel liberated because they won’t feel pressured to socialize.

Bond Through the Team Fitness Experience at Action Point

Going through a team building fitness retreat should be towards the top of the list for staff retreat ideas. Find a fully equipped resort and randomly assign staff members to teams and have each team compete between fitness games.

Then – after the fitness game has ended – let them recover and enjoy a meal together. Having a lunch all-together while recovering after an intense fitness game is an incredible way to increase bonding and relationships between your corporate staff members.

Phuket corporate staff retreat

Beach Games Are a Legitimate way to Foster Team Unity

For some stimulation, noise and fun, a staff should retreat to a local beach in Phuket. There are tons of amazing – tropical beaches to enjoy some beach games with your business team.

Spending a day playing beach games allows employees to blow off steam and rediscover their inner kid. They’ll work as a team while playing the games collaboratively and have fun if the compete against each other.

If the older members of the team are against the idea of a beach gaming retreat, let younger team members teach them how to play and let them team up with one another.

best team building retreat phuket

Let Your Staff Show Their Creative Side in Phuket

When debating staff retreat ideas, consider a charity project. Leave the office site and either visit a charity organization, refugee or property and share your time helping them.

This might seem a bit “too much” but it could be exactly the type of escape that workers are craving. Encourage those who claim to not be interested to spend some time with underprivileged children or abused animals. Bring in some brochures or information about this subject for them to look through. So that they can become inspired and motivated to provide their time helping someone in need.

That’s a great way to help your staff members connect with their inner purpose by giving them the option to contribute where it’s most needed. This will make them feel absolutely amazing and inspired and this feeling will pass into the business.

Additionally this activity will allow business staff members to learn from one another while contributing something of their own at the same time. Go ahead, contact us to learn how you can organize a corporate staff retreat in Phuket.

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