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10 Everyday Health Hacks to Live Longer

When you think about doing a healthy lifestyle overhaul — simultaneously cleaning up your diet, exercising more, and stressing less — it’s enough to send you running right back to bed. That’s why it’s always best to start with small, manageable changes that can easily fit into your day. Here are some 10 Everyday Health Hacks to Live Longer.

Your time is precious, after all! But that doesn’t mean these little tips won’t lead to significant changes. Try incorporating one every day this month, then carry your favorites with you for a fitter-than-ever. From experts in nutrition, fitness, and mental health offer a bite-size way to live smarter — without sacrifice.


10 Ways to Jump-start a Healthy Lifestyle

1. Do a kitchen clean-out.

10 Everyday Health Hacks to Live Longer

Take just 10 to 20 minutes to rearrange your pantry, fridge, and counter-top today.

Place chips or cookies in opaque containers in the back of your cabinets, and put cut veggies in clear storage bins and bags on top shelves.

Leave out a bowl of fruit, too, so you can grab when you’re in the mood for something sweet.


2. Wake up five minutes early.

10 Everyday Health Hacks to Live Longer

That’s just 300 seconds. Use this time to breathe or do a quick meditation.

Sit up in bed and begin to take nice deep breaths.

Say or think five things you’re grateful for and close the practice by envisioning yourself having a natural, healthy, and joyful day. Is there a better way to wake up?


3. Get moving the first thing.

10 Everyday Health Hacks to Live LongerGo straight from your bed to the streets or your mat.

Run a mile as fast as you can, do a 10-minute routine or work through a tough Tabata.

Whatever you choose, put in some real effort, and you’ll kick your metabolism into high gear.


4. Swap green tea for your first cup of coffee.

10 Health Hacks to Live Your Best Life

Give your body a gentler wake-up by swapping highly caffeinated java for some soothing tea.

It’s a kinder way to start the day, so you don’t burn out your energy first thing in the a.m.


5. Check-in with yourself.

10 Everyday Health Hacks to Live Longer

Ask yourself how you’re doing at least one time in the next 24 hours. Sometimes it helps to name your feelings.

For instance, state if you’re feeling frustrated, angry, or happy, which you can take some time to appreciate.

The simple act of naming can help create some distance and perspective, particularly if negativity pops up.


6. Schedule a walking meeting.

If you do one thing to move more this month, make it sitting less.

Studies link staying in your seat to a higher risk of premature death (even if you exercise on the regular).

So start by taking one of your calls outside and around the block or catching up with a co-worker as you stroll to grab a cup of joe.


7. Add flavor without calories.

Lots of spices (think turmeric, cinnamon, cayenne, ginger, and rosemary) can enhance the flavor of your food while also providing anti-inflammatory benefits and antioxidants.

So add a little kick to your smoothie, stir fry, eggs, or salad dressings. These zero-calorie palate pleasers might even help you cut back on sugar and salt.


8. Take a bath tonight.

Catching quality zzz’s deserves a top spot on your wellness priority list.

To create a simple sleep-enhancing ritual, like soaking in Epsom salts or 300 to 500 milligrams of magnesium.

It’s good to earn your right to exercise intensely through eating right and sleeping well. Otherwise, you’re just adding more stress to your body.

Set a timer to remind yourself to relax in the tub before bed.


9. Write down a sweat date.

Or a few! Take your best pal to yoga; get your S.O. To go for a run with you, or hit up your fittest friend for a lifting sesh.

Having a few people who are on board with your month of commitment means you’re less likely to bail out of a class.

All of this is to help you have more accountability and stick to your commitment.


10. Add an extra piece of fruit to your day.

Most people need to produce more in their lives, and fruit also helps keep you hydrated. Plus, it packs tons of disease-fighting antioxidants.

Try some frozen wild blueberries in your overnight oats or add a cup of grapes to your salad at lunch. 10 Everyday Health Hacks to Live Longer.

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