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Beach Bootcamp



The vast majority of people visiting Phuket Island, come to admire the breath-taking scenery and the tropical beaches. So this is where we decided to locate one of our newest activities!

Our recent addition to ALL the retreat packets, Action Point provides, is beach boot-camps at Nai Harn beach. Nai Harn is one of the island’s most popular places with in-the-know locals. This relatively tranquil place has only a few hotels and is a popular anchorage for boats during the high season.

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Why Beach Bootcamp?

There’s a radically simple way to burn more calories per step without inching up your incline or pushing your pace: Walking or running on the sand! (and there’s a lot of sand in Phuket Island).

Beach Workout Action PointStudies show that you’ll activate extra muscle just by treading on the loose stuff rather than solid ground. Because sand grains constantly shift, your nervous system has to recruit additional oblique muscles in your legs, hips, and back in response. So why not take advantage of it?



Do a workout on the sand and you burn up to 50 percent more calories per minute than if you do the same routine on pavement or grass. Plus, because sand soaks up energy, it also reduces stress on your joints.

The impact is about four times lower on sand than on firmer surfaces, which can mean much less post-workout inflammation and soreness. This remains true even as you increase your exercise intensity. The bonus is that you’ll bounce back faster after a tough session — and be ready to hit the beach for your next round of fresh-air fun.

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